Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to permanently *ROOT* your HTC Desire HD

The following guide details how to permanently root your HTC Desire HD. Although I make no guarantees, this is the same method I used.

NOTE: (Apparently) This will NOT work on a phone with 1.72 OTA update released in December 2010 or any later OTA update. If your phone does have this version then check this guide for how to downgrade the OTA (not written by me). The image to the right shows my phone is running 1.32.*

Download Paul's Visionary+ R14 from here, transfer it to your phone and install.
  1. Launch Paul's Visionary+ and enable the ‘Set system r/w after root’ checkbox.
  2. Tap Temproot Now!’ and wait for it to complete. If this process fails launch Paul's Visionary again and retry.
  3. Tap ‘Attempt Permroot Now!’ and wait again for it to complete. The phone will reboot when this process has finished. Again, if it fails launch Paul's Visionary again and retry.
  4. To confirm if the phone is now rooted, download and install Terminal Emulator from the Android Market, launch it and type in the command su. If you see the # prompt on the next line, permanent rooting has been successful.
The image on the left shows the # prompt after a successful su command was issued.

Until I write a guide for achieving S-OFF status (which allows you to do more to your phone including flashing a new ROM) please have a look at this guide which I followed without any problems.

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