Monday, March 28, 2011

Welcome to Droidalicious

Back in February 2011 I picked myself up a HTC Desire HD, well, actually I picked myself up a Nokia N8... but it was crap. I took the N8 back to my lovely Vodafone store here in Queanbeyan and explained that it was a piece of crap. They agreed, and happily exchanged it for the HTC Desire HD (yay!) and kept me on the same plan (saving me at least $10 a month, Vodafone, you guys rock).

So Why did I scrap the N8? Well, it's Symbian, and not sure if you know or not but Symbian OS sux. Originally it was a good phone OS but it's lagged behind and is too closed for real developers to utilise it properly. The N8, omitting the OS, is a good phone. Hopefully Nokia realise Android is the way to go and they save themselves eventually.

Anyway, after setting up the HTC Desire HD I was blown away. Smart phones are actually becoming quite smart... This fact inspired me to create this blog to help everyone get the most out of their HTC Desire HD.

Enjoy the ride :)

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  1. Your HTC Desire HD has a different font than my pic? Stay tuned for how to ROOT your HTC and customise it to your liking.